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Alliance vs International

Naturally, one cannot come from my background without drawing up a quickie comparison. By and large, if I were to summarize the two iterations of NERO, it would be that Alliance is a club-based game, with little in the way of defining structure, whereas International is more heavily cross integrated, with a greater degree of overall world concept.

Alliance chapters tend to be fairly solitary. What one does, another is not only encouraged, but is forced to ignore. There is little in the way of cross-chapter plot, and as a community, they don't tend to want to work together. International chapters, on the other hand, at least operate under the concept that they are all part of the same worldmap, and as such, chapters are more encouraged to integrate their plotlines when possible and viable.

The ownership of Alliance is fairly involved with discussions with the playerbase, however, is very quick to become defensive when subjected to critical review. Rather than simply absorbing and considering consenting viewpoints, it is quick to quash them, or attempt to ridicule them with defensive postures of superiority by virtue of age. International's ownership, in contrast, is very quick to consider and at least listen to, contrary viewpoints. The ownership does not involve itself much with the daily conversations, but has a diverse staff that represents its overall vision and direction.

Both games use patched and repatched rulesets. While the latest iteration of the Alliance rules has taken larger steps in changing its look, the overall system is rehash of the previous. International's game is currently under a massive reworking as a response, but its really just more of the same, with their own iteration of patches.

Neither game, in all honesty, is particularly superior to the other. It is easier to be critical of International as a whole because it is more of a unified experience and game. Alliance games are more varied, and so it is easier to disavow the actions of any one chapter in favor of defending the way things have been done.

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