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Due to the possibility of perceived harm or stealing of ideas, has a few policies that we ask you to follow during your visit.

1. Any ideas expressed are the property of the person expressing them. Please ask them if you intend to use the idea. Larpers should feel free to express and share their ideas without fear of them being stolen. Conversely, if a dispute arises, please remember that many larp concepts at this point are fairly widespread and your concept may not have been stolen even though it appears to have been.

2. Members and guests are encouraged to put a small disclaimer or simple "Use my stuff if you want to" in their posts or articles if they have no objection to others using their ideas. They are encouraged but not required to do this.

3. Articles and larp postmortems, unless noted otherwise, grant an implicit right to distribute. This is for technical reasons if nothing else -- we don't want to steal your writing, but as it is simple to copy or link web articles, should not be held responsible and in fact should be allowed to grant extensive linking/copying rights for the purpose of promoting If you object to this, we can work out something for your specific article or postmortem.

4.'s management feels that every larp site which helps grow a community is a benefit to larping as a whole. Feel free to link to or suggest a link to your site. has no intent to compete with other larp sites.

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